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Discover a comprehensive collection of open-source medical image datasets for your next machine learning project. Our list of free datasets is continually expanding, so be sure to visit us regularly to access the latest resources.


Benchmark Dataset for Ribs segmentation

VinDr-RibCXR dataset, sourced from the de-identified VinDrCXR dataset, provides high-quality annotated medical images for developing instance segmentation models.

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VinDr SpineXR: Spinal Lesions detection

VinDr-SpineXR is a dataset created by VinBigdata to address the challenge of developing a comprehensive system for classifying and localizing multiple spine lesions from X-ray scans due to the lack of large datasets with high-quality images and human annotations.

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VinDr Chest X-ray detection Dataset

To support medical imaging research, VinBigdata has built the VinDr-CXR dataset, a vast collection of high-quality chest x-ray (CXR) images. The dataset includes 18,000 postero-anterior (PA) view CXR scans from top hospitals in Vietnam, annotated by a team of 17 experienced radiologists.

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